Message from President Ron
Date: Saturday, September 09 @ 21:38:41
Topic: Announcements

With the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma, the Board of Directors of Cypress Chase Homeowners Association wants to insure that each homeowner or tenant has enacted as many safety precautions as possible.

First, many homeowners have their trash and recycling containers located in either their backyard or behind the visual blockade fence. We ask that you place these containers inside your garage as these could become projectiles in the anticipated winds of Irma.

Lawn furniture, furniture within your lanai and outside grills should also be placed inside your garage so these also do not become objects that could break through windows or screens. Please also consider planters and other lawn objects in this some vein.

We will be removing the security gate arms on Saturday afternoon and opening the gates through at least Monday night. This is being done for your security in case emergency vehicles need to access the neighborhood during a power outage.

Thank you and may we all be safe during this hurricane.

Cypress Chase HOA Board of Directors

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